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Bike Bottle Holder

Bike bottle holder is a must accessory on every bike. There’s nothing worse than losing a water bottle in the middle of your ride. Keep your water bottle tightly secured with one of the water bottle holders from our deal’s selection.

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Bike water holders – all you need to know

Bike water holder or bike water cage is a simple, but one of the crucial cycling devices which are used to fix and carry a water bottle attached to a bicycle frame. It is made of stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, carbon fiber or even titanium. Water bottle holders are most commonly attached to the frames, as matter-of-fact frames come with braze-on mounts drilled for easy mounting of the water cages. They can just as well be attached to the handlebars, behind the saddle or in some cases to the fork, depending on the type of the bicycle. Until the 1960’s cyclists carried a second bottle on their handlebars, because of the rules of that time said they had to carry a pump on the frame, so it was simply impossible to fit the second bottle holder at the center of the frame. Through the years the most common location has become the top side of downtube. Space for a second water bottle holder can be found on the front side of the seat tube. Pro-touring bicycles have space even for a third position – under the downtube.

Little history and trivia

Rene Vietto was one of the best Tour De France riders never to win the race, but he left us a huge legacy. When he finished second in 1939 Tour De France, he had one bottle holder attached centrally on his handlebars and one on the downtube. That way, center of gravity was lowered, which was improving the handling. Everyone picked up on this idea and by the end of 1950’s all pro bikes were set up like his. Thanks to him!

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