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Assos TiburuJersey Mille GT

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The ideal jersey for the cooler days of spring and autumn, the Assos TiburuJersey Mille provides insulation to the front, while the rear is highly breathable so you don't feel cold and clammy.


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Providing insulation to the front of the TiburuJersey Mille GT you'll find Assos' RX brushed back fabric, this helping trap a layer of warm air against the skin. Meanwhile Assos use their highly breathable Stripe Tex fabric to the back, ensuring that when effort levels rise and you build up a sweat this won't lead to chilling from the inside.
The regularFit of the jersey means that you get a close to the body fit, but it's less compressive than their racingFit so strikes a nice balance between comfort and balance. Also it allows for layering under and over the jersey allowing you to tailor warmth and protection with differing base layers and shell jackets.
Providing three-season versatility this long sleeve jersey will keep off a chill in spring and autumn and makes a perfect option for a cool summer morning or a pre-race warm up.


Material: 10% Polyamide, 78% Polyester, 12% Elastane
RX brushed back insulating front panel
Stripe Tex breathable, high-wicking back
'Triple Ramp' concept pockets
Full-length zip
Colour: blackSeries, torpedoGrey, caleum Blue
Clothing Size: XL, S, XXL, XS, L, M
Gender: Unisex, Male
Age Group: Adult

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