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Black Sheep Cycling Women’s Elements Thermal Bib Shorts

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The Black Sheep Cycling Women's Elements Thermal Bib Shorts bring you a luxurious level of warmth alongside water-repellency and superb support. They're the ideal pick for a cool winter bike ride or a changeable spring day of sunshine and showers.
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234 gsm, Sormano Fabric Italian-Milled Thermal Brushed Fabric
BSC High-Density Pad
FlexMesh Black ultrasoft and supportive mesh
BSC Women's Elastic Interface Pad
BSC Embroidered Low Profile Cuff (45mm)
84% Polyamide(Nylon), 16% Elastane(Spandex)
Product Data
Cyclocross: Yes
Road: Yes
Taking the sting out of colder cycling temperatures, the Women's Elements Thermal Bib Shorts are a brilliant choice for autumn and spring rides where conditions don't warrant winter tights but some extra warmth is welcome as you get up to speed. The thermal 280gsm warp-knit Sormano fabric has a soft and cozy brushed back, holding warmth inside and not letting it go as you build up body heat. And with a water-repellent treatment, they'll keep you drier for longer should light rain or a sudden rain shower arrive on the scene.

The shorts are highly breathable too, with a FlexMesh Black ultrasoft upper allowing sweat an easy escape route. This ensures you don't get clammy when you're putting in harder efforts, dropping your buddies on climbs and winning sprints for signs. Low-profile 45mm leg cuffs prevent the shorts from riding up and if you're pairing the shorts with knee or leg warmers they'll hold them firm too.

Inside the shorts is the BSC Women's Elastic Interface Seat Pad, delivering just the right amount of support and shock absorption to ensure even the longest of bike rides are ticked off in comfort. Subtle graphics complete the look of these wonderfully warm and versatile cycling shorts.

Put Mother Nature in Her Place

Black Sheep ELEMENTS - All Conditions Collection has you covered. Whatever the conditions. Protect yourself from snow, wind, rain and the downright ridiculous.

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