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Campagnolo Bora Ultra 35 Clincher Wheelset

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Bora Ultra wheels are the choice of pros as they are the perfect wheel for competition. They offer you the performance characteristics that all racing cyclists are looking for - maximum aerodynamics, extreme lightness, lightning quick reactivity and incredible smoothness.


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For the Bora Ultra 35 Clincher wheelset, Campagnolo engineers developed an all-new construction, which has created a braking performance that far outperforms anything found on current carbon rims. The Campy Tech Lab’s developments focused on providing the rider with the same braking performance when riding in the wet as when riding in the dry. The result of these developments is Campagnolo’s most advanced braking surface technology ever. They call it AC3 (All Conditions Carbon Control).
Campagnolo has increased the rim width from 20.5mm to 24.2mm - this has not only improved the aerodynamics but allowed the wheel to accommodate wider tyres. Wider tyres increase control, improve grip and make for a more comfortable ride. A wider rim also increases structural integrity without any weight increase to the wheelset.
The weight of the wheelset is also further reduced, thanks to the front hub having a smaller profile. Even though Campagnolo’s engineers managed to reduce the weight and size of the hub, they were able to save the same high-performance characteristics that the Bora Ultra wheels are renowned for.
AC3: Under dry conditions the new technology increases braking performance 3% over the previous Bora while increasing the gap with its closest competitor by over 6%. However, when the conditions are insidious and rain has the competition worried, AC3 allows the Bora to excel. While the previous edition of the Bora offered results far beyond those found on competitors’ wheels, the AC3 technology increases braking performance an astounding 43% over past Campagnolo models. The powerful braking of AC3 represents a nearly 55% performance gap over that of its closest competitor making for a rather significant advantage when the heat of the race is on.


-Full Carbon high profile 35mm rim, in clincher and tubular versions.
-Includes brake pads specifically for carbon wheels
-AC3 treatment on the brake surface, improving braking in all conditions
-RDB™ (Rim Dynamic Balance) exclusive technology moulded inside the rims, assures perfect balancing of the rims even at high speeds
-Ultra-lightweight decals eliminate the need for heavy adhesives and painting, reducing the overall weight by nearly 15g
-Carbon hub with oversize flange with cup and cone CULT bearings, aluminium axle
-Aerodynamic spokes with exclusive Mega-G3 spoke pattern and anti-rotation system
-Quick release with eccentric-closure system
-Weight: 1360g

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