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Campagnolo Record 2×12 Speed Road Groupset

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The new 12-Speed groupset from Campagnolo features state-of-the-art materials, and has been designed, and fine-tuned to provide exceptional performance thanks to their sophisticated, performance-enhancing technologies.


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The Record groupset offers the same ground-breaking, revolutionary 12-Speed performance and elegance as the Super Record Groupset at a lower price-point.

Highest Quality, Efficient Performer
The Campagnolo Record Groupset is widely regarded as a close performer in comparison to the Super Record line of components with a slight variation in price, which is reflected in the weight difference of the groupset. The Campagnolo Record 12-Speed groupset is the highest quality and most efficiently performing groupset ever created by Campagnolo.


Record 12-Speed ErgoPower Controls:
-Improved Ergonomics (customisable)
-New Hood Design, featuring Vari Cushion Technology
-Upgraded, Double Curve Lever Design
-Larger Thumb Shifting Lever and Upshift Lever
-Additional Upshift Lever Incorporated into Lever
-More Efficient, Ergonomic Brake Power Transfer
-The Ultra-Shift mechanism remains, shift 5-sprockets down and 3-sprockets up
-Upgraded Internals
-Weight: 363g

Record 12-Speed Front Derailleur:
-New Design builds upon Rev11+ mechanical success
-Eliminated free-stroke
-Faster, immediate shifting
-Dual Position Cable Grip, compliant with larger tyre sizes
-Thin Cage, reduces weight without sacrificing strength, more clearance
-Increased chain engagement
-Dedicated positions based on chainring size and positioning
-Weight: 81g

Record 12-Speed Rear Derailleur:
-ULTRA-LIGHT main derailleur body
-Stiffer, less weight
-Optimised trajectory curve, improved shifting
-Close contact with each sprocket
-3D-Embrace Technology
-Inner mechanism embraces more teeth per sprocket
-Greater shifting retention and efficiency
-Unique 72.5mm Cage, One Size Fits All
-Larger 12-Tooth pulley design, greater contact and cassette versatility
-Increased adjustability, durability and rider safety
-Massive performance increase and just 3grams difference, compared to the previous model
-Weight: 216g

Record 12-Speed Cassette
-Streamlined, Single tooth-count increments from the 1st to the 7th sprocket
-Super-smooth shifting performance
-Only necessary cassette sizes needed for this drivetrain
-11-29T and 11-32T 12-Speed options
-Fully compatible with current Campagnolo freehub bodies
-Standard Chainstay Width Compatible
-Extra sprocket without increasing cassette width, smaller space between cogs, smoother shifting
-Technical Sprocket Treatment, increases service-life
-Weight: 266g

Record 12-Speed Crankset
-Super-smooth, aerodynamic design
-New, advanced hollow carbon construction
-Lower weight without reducing strength, stiffness or durability
-Ultra-Torque Titanium axle
-Cult Ceramic Bearings
-Optimised 4-arm spider for increased stiffness, rigidity and response
-Reinforced Brace on larger chainrings, no sacrifice to weight
-Hard-anodised chainrings for increased integrity and longevity
-Lower friction
-Symmetrical inner chainring tooth profiling
-Weight: 710g

Record 12-Speed Chain
-Thinner, lighter, engages faster
-High durability and reliability
-Greater shifting efficiency
-Weight: 220g

Record 12-Speed Brakes
-Exceptionally powerful brakes for any frame
-New aerodynamic design
-Pairs excellent with normal and aero frames
-Up to 28mm tyre compatible
-Perfect for both 17c and 19c rims
-Increased modulation and smoothness
-Advanced brake shoe design, modular pads
-Caliper Brakes Weight: 317g
-Direct Mount Brakes Weight: 160g
-Complete Groupset Weight: 2.2kg
-12-Speed Drivetrain
-Significantly Improved Ergonomics
-Superb, Efficient, Ergonomic Brake Power Transfer
-Ultra-Shift mechanism, 5-sprockets down and 3-sprockets up
-Increased chain engagement and precision
-Stiffer, stronger and lighter
-Super-smooth shifting performance
-Exceptional brake power and modulation
-Optimised for both 17c and 19c rims
-Complete Groupset Weight: 2.213kg
-Colour: Black
-Size: 11-32t
-Teeth: 50.34t, 52.36t, 53.39t
-Speed: 12 Speed Double
-Length: 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm
-Material: Carbon
-Derailleur Type: Braze On

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