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Compressport PRS V4 Trail Socks

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Offering superior comfort, blister prevention and optimal ventilation, the Pro Racing Socks v4.0 Trail Socks from Compressport are made from technical fabric that absorbs shocks and protects your feet over the toughest off-road terrain.


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Designed with shock absorption and protection in mind, the Compressport Pro Racing Socks v4.0 Trail Socks feature technologies that enhance support and performance for all your off-road adventures. A trail-specific weave around the forefoot and lower leg is sturdy yet ventilated - quickly wicking away moisture to prevent irritation. The thicker instep fabric reaches higher than our running models for added protection and a dedicated knit around the ankle offers reassuring stability in rocky terrain.

Updated with a wider toe box offers a more ergonomic fit and improved proprioception that allows the toes to grip and balance intuitively on uneven ground. Tough terry cloth padding covers all the toes to dampen impacts on fast, jarring descents and improved 360-degree arch support boosts blood flow and stops the fabric from twisting and folding to avoid blisters and irritation. Both malleolus bones are covered by large sun-shaped dots to prevent bruising and two lateral rows of 3D.Dots cover the fibular muscles, stimulating the sensory receptors to improve proprioception and stability of the ankle while a wide pattern of 3D.Dots run up the Achilles tendon for added padding and support, surrounding a line of Flat.Dots for ventilation.


Shock absorption and impact protection thanks to thicker sole fabric and dedicated 3D.dots thicker underneath the foot
Increased stability and proprioception for a reassuring, supportive feel and hightened foot awareness in rough and rocky terrain
Reinforced fabric in key areas to protect ankle, toes and nails from the rough demands of trail running and increase the overall durability of the sock
Weight: 42g
95% Polyamide(Nylon), 5% Elastane(Spandex)

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