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Continental Sprinter Gatorskin Tubular Tyre

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The Sprinter GatorSkin itself features the typically comfortable and light feel of a tubular tire. The professional riders use a similar combination in their tires for Paris - Roubaix and other equipment destroying classics in the springtime.


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If you want to get the miles in, but your streets aren’t covered with the finest tarmac and you prefer the inconspicuous function of your tires, then this is your tubular. DuraSkin Tires with DuraSkin sidewall protection have to roll with the punches. These tires are used in the harshest conditions. On messenger bikes, on epic travel bikes crossing continents without wearing through and in professional cycling they have to endure tough tests such as Paris-Roubaix. The high-quality polyamide fabric reliably protects the casing of the tire and protects the tire from the worst conditions. These tires stand out with their brown sidewalls. The slick natural rubber tread is designed to perform well in wet/wintery conditions. SafetySystem Breaker The SafetySystem Breaker is made up of Kevlar reinforced, high-strength nylon fabric. Puncture and cut-resistant but nevertheless light and flexible, the tire adjusts quickly to the surface below. Without raising the weight or rolling resistance noticeably, it protects the carcass against foreign objects and contributes to a longer lifespan of the tire. Tires with the SafetySystem Breaker also provide good comfort properties.


-TPI: 180
-Weight: 300/320g
-PSI rating: 115-170
-3 plies + SafetySystem Breaker (Nylon-Kevlar) + Duraskin
-Faster & stronger, ideal for shorter road events
-Made from natural rubber with ASC technology + high grade polyamide casing

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