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DeFeet Woolie Boolie Cycling Socks

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The true workhorse of the DeFeet wool range, the Woolie Boolie 2 6" Cuff Socks are extremely versatile, from riding to running to sleeping in them. The 6" higher cuff provides greater warmth and the improved fit provides greater arch support.


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The DeFeet Wool Line Wool is a staple of the DeFeet line. DeFeet source the highest grade wools on the planet. Combined with DeFeet construction the result is the finest wool sock that you can buy. The DeFeet wool line is continually growing. Wool has attributes that can’t be found in other fibers. DeFeet wool socks stay cooler in the heat because of the construction of the mesh. They stay warmer when they are wet and in cooler temperatures because of the amazing thermal properties of the fabric. For those of us that like things natural, DeFeet has produced 2 distinct kinds of wool socks for our enjoyment. First was the Woolie Boolie - tell me you don’t like that name! It was an entirely new program for us - designed from the ground up with comfort, insulation and dryness in mind. The Woolie Boolie could be easily described as a mid-weight sock, which is roughly twice the thickness of the Aireator. Like all our wool socks, it’s made of superior quality Merino Wool. Merino wool breathes better than just about any other wool out there. Being a natural fiber, wool has intrinsic wicking capabilities understood only by sheep and wearers of DeFeet wool socks. Let’s just say you have to wear them to understand. These socks are also versatile; keeping you warm in the chilly Winter and cool during the heat of Summer.
Please Note: If your sock has the Sheep Logo on them, this is the version 2 but not all socks will have “2” sewn on them as shown in the image.


-6 inch top cuff
-Made from the finest 'Merino Wool'
-Incorporates the major technical advancements by DeFeet, including En-Duro-Skin™ and AIR-E-ATOR
-Padded terry loop top cuff and sole
-Arch compression for greater stabilization

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