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Dugast Pipistrello Cyclocross Tire

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Boasting a premium handmade tubular design, the Dugast Pipistrello Cyclocross Tire features a 100% cotton casing with natural sidewalls and a larger base tape. As a result, it offers dependable performance on fast cyclocross (CX) tracks.


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Featuring a diamond tread design with Rhino side knobs, this CX tire provides excellent grip on slightly wet track, grass and in the woods. Another highlight is its 100% cotton casing with high thread-per-inch (TPI), which offers increased puncture resistance, more elasticity, lower rolling resistance and better handling in corners. Used and loved by most professional riders, and winners of races and championships, Dugast joined the Vittoria Group in May 2021.

Base Rim Tape
As the use of wheels with disc brakes and the use of larger tires are increasingly popular, A Dugast offers Cross tires with a wider base tape for a better fit with larger rims. The larger base tape increases the protection of the tubular sidewall from snakebites.

Handmade in the Netherlands
A Dugast tires are handmade in the Netherlands by true craftsmen of bicycle tires. Through their expertize, yarns, glue and rubber are assembled to create some of the finest tubulars available in the market. A Dugast tire casings are made with mastery starting from raw cotton and silk yarns, on which rubber tread is glued with extreme precision. All the steps of tire making are performed by experienced technicians having deep knowledge of cyclists’ requirements and needs.


-Tire Casing Material: Cotton
-Sidewall: Natural
-Use: Cyclocross (CX)
-Bead Type: Tubular
-Valve Length: 51.5mm
-TPI: 536tpi
-Inner Tube: Latex
-Ribbon Width: 23.5 (L)
-Width: 33+/-0.5mm
-Single or Pair: Single

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