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Elite Qubo Power Fluid Trainer

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Elite's Qubo Power Fluid trainer will automatically adjust to a riders weight, eliminating the need to calibrate rollers and making this trainer quick and easy to get practicing with fluid-based resistance.Ideal for competitive riders.


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This trainer is also compatible with four third party software platforms to help and make your training session much more fun and realistic.
A high level trainer for competitive riders which introduces the improved performance of fluid-base.
Cutting edge new Qubo frame offers wider footprint with adjustable feet for improved stability and.
No need to calibrate roller pressure, the rider's weight presses the tire into the roller, mean.
The Qubo frame also repositions the rear drive unit to allow use with fat-tired 29ers.
33% larger ElastoGel roller featuring improved tire grip, reduced wear, vibration and a 20% noise r.
Resistance adjusts automatically according to speed, leaving you free to concentrate on riding.
Comes pre-assembled and folds flat for easy storage.


Includes spare Q/R for those using Mavic or similar non-compatible Q/R skewers
Compatible with the following third party software platforms: Elite's My E-Training, Zwift (with ANT+ speed/cadence sensor), TrainerRoad (with speed sensor), Kinomap (with ANT+ or Bluetooth speed/cadence sensor)
Product Data
Resistance: Fluid
Bluetooth Enabled: Yes
Ant+ Compatible: Yes
Trainer Type: Turbo Trainer

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