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Ergon Pedal Cleat Tool

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Proper cleat positioning is detrimental to comfort, power, and performance, as the energy that goes into cycling is transferred through the contact area between the pedal, cleat, and shoe. Precise cleat installation provides maximum comfort and prevents injury. The Ergon Crankbrothers Cleat Tool allows you to simply and quickly dial in the perfect cleat position specifically for your ergonomics. The Ergon Crankbrothers Cleat Tool includes a small handbook on basic ergonomics, biomechanics, step-by-step instructions, and how you can maximize performance. Put an end to sore knees and start laying down the gauntlet!


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A unique tool to enable the precise installation of cleats.

The interface between cleat and shoe is critical, it is the point of energy transfer. Ergonomics in this area plays a massive role. Without an ergonomic setup power and performance will be lost. Comfort will be compromised. Injury could result.

Correctly installed cleats are noticeable from the first ride. The Ergon TP1 allows the accurate adjustment of the three axis which are important when installing cleats. Fore/aft, Q-Factor and the foot angle.

The tool includes a small guide to basic ergonomics of the foot and leg, the biomechanic consequences and a simple step by step manual for using the TP1.

Note: TP1 for Speedplay is not compatible with Speedplay Walkable Cleats.


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Brand: Ergon

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