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Fast Forward F6R Carbon Rim Wheelset

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The Fast Forward F6R Carbon Rim Wheelset is designed and engineered to ensure it rolls fast, is agile and stiff while remaining lightweight and competitive. It also features full-carbon rims with DARC profiling and FFWD Ratchet System hubs.


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Stiff, fast, and aero, the F6R wheelset thrives on the flat like no other. With an aero design engineered for enhanced stiffness thanks to a UD carbon construction, it meets the needs of high-torque road sprinters to streamlined triathletes in the heat of competition.
Precision engineered by the Fast Forward (FFWD) team of design experts, the wheelset incorporates their DARC aero profile. It ensures reduced drag and increased performance in frontal or lateral wind with its unique ability to cut through the air.
Supreme Performance Across Road Race Disciplines
The generous 27mm outside rims mean that the wheelset is tubeless-ready for increased versatility. The Fast Forward 3K Nano Brake Technology also offers unprecedented stopping power that assures confidence and control across all conditions.
With solid support at the heart of the wheel design, the latest FFWD hubs ensure you can keep going. Build with the best high-quality parts and feature a ratchet system for the fastest engagement.
The F6R wheelset comes in a durable design and features UV protected logos along with a 3-year warranty available upon registration. We ship these wheels in a protective wheel bag.

Key Features:
For high-torque road sprinters to streamlined triathletes
Enhanced stiffness thanks to the carbon construction
Increased performance in frontal or lateral wind
27mm outside rims for increased versatility


-Material: Full-Carbon Aero Rims
-Rim Aero Shape: DARC
-Rim Height: 60.0mm
-Rim Internal Width: 19.0mm
-Rim External Width: 27.0mm
-Tubeless Ready: Yes
-Innertube compatible: Yes
-Brakes: Rim brake
-Max rider weight: 100 kg
-Weight: 1.66kg
-Type: FCC
-Height: 60.0mm
-Internal Width: 19.0mm
-External Width: 27.0mm
-Tire Range: 23.0mm-37.0mm
-Maximum Tire Pressure: 8.3bar, 120.4 psi
-Type: FFWD
-Body System: Ratchet system
-Bearings: Steel
-Type: Straight pull
-Count: 24/20
**Nipples:**Messing 15mm Prolock

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