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Every cyclist has their own preferences once on the saddle, different situations may call for a different bike set up. A side wind, frequent changes in pace, winding yet fast routes…

Devised for more expert, demanding cyclists accustomed to fast cycling and careful about the details on their bikes, the SPEED range already offers an adequate choice with two different depth rims: 40 mm or 55 mm. Medium – low or medium - high.

From here, we have spoken with the pros on our teams, who have often chosen to combine the two sizes depending on the race route. We then went back to thinking about the different possible situations on the road and we were naturally led to imagine a third possibility: the union of the pluses offered by these two versions when necessary.

And the outcome was “Combo”, 40 mm at the front, 55 mm at the back, an additional option for the full carbon range. It will be available in tubular “T” and clincher “C” versions. Maximum stiffness and transfer of power at the back, improved steering and agility at the front. The perfect mix? The road will decide.


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Clincher, 40 mm, 17C channel, Full carbon "Twill" ... what more could you want from a racing bike wheel? Speed ​​40C is the technical pinnacle, the dream wheel set for those who live the bike as a true passion and demands the maximum.
It is not a specialized set of wheels, the SPEED 40 C succeeds in fact and gives satisfaction in the most varied situations: we like to think this versatile wheel the ideal middle way that does not take anything away but gives a lot.
Around the merits of a solid and super reactive structure, thanks to the oversized rear flange and the Two-to-one ™ spokes scheme, a completely new circle, fiber after fiber, was built to enhance the behavior in the two fundamental moments of a race : acceleration and braking, now highly performing in any weather condition thanks to AC3 ™ technology.
SPEED 40C is dedicated to those looking for a set of wheels with a winning pedigree, built with the same technologies chosen in the World Tour but more exploitable thanks to the clincher. The 40 mm profile already exploits aerodynamics and flywheel effect, but remains balanced and simple to drive, agile and fast uphill thanks to reduced weight and a balanced and reactive rim.
Speed 40C C 17 Front and Speed 55C C17 Rear


Brand: Fulcrum
Discipline: Road
Tyre Compatibility: Clincher
Braking Surface Type: Carbon

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