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Goodyear Connector Ultimate Tubeless Cyclocross Tire

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A terrific tire to take on all terrains, the Connector Ultimate Tubeless Cyclocross Tire is built for aggressive and speedy riding, with its traction-heavy tread and fast-rolling design.


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Whether gliding through gravel trails or dominating through dirt tracks, this Goodyear effort will see you through in style. Equipped with a multitude of tall side knobs for cornering and braking grip and multi-siped, tightly-spaced center knobs that allow for speedy rolling over any ground, it is designed to make the most of any ride you take it on.
Built from a Dynamic:A/T –All-Terrain compound that offers excellent rolling efficiency while maintaining a high-level grip to minimize power transfer loss, and a lightweight R:Armor casing that can cope with the dings and damage of such rowdy riding, it will perform perfectly from backroads to singletracks and more. Featuring a Tubeless Complete system that eliminates pinch flats and offers increased grip and efficiency, the Connector Ultimate Tubeless Cyclocross Tire is a ready-for-anything all-terrain monster.


-Small Block, Fast Rolling
-Tubeless Complete
-Full Protection Casing with R:Armor
-DYNAMIC: A/T Compound
-Floor Pump Mounting for Tubeless

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