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GripGrab Insulator Midseason Glove

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The GripGrab Insulator Midseason Glove is a comfortable, lightweight liner glove that can be used alone or inside another glove. The hollow fiber technology ensures superior thermal insulation and breathability. Silicone print provides optimal grip.


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A Great All-Rounder
The Insulator Midseason Gloves features a perfect fit for your ride giving you excellent grip and feel over any surface. High-end materials and optimal design ensure outstanding performance in both breathability and in comfort. When the temperatures are super cold it will serve you perfectly as a liner glove due to its excellent insulating material - ideally paired with an outer glove.
The hollow fiber technology traps warm air but still allows for excellent breathability giving a great level of warmth and comfort without moisture build up. For those days when temperatures are not so severe then the Insulators serve as a brilliant outer glove, offering some welcome extra warmth plus excellent bar grip via the silicone printed palm.


Highly insulating material
Exceptional breathability
Silicone grip
Reflective graphics
Touch screen compatibility
Sweat wiper
Lightweight Lycra® Fleece
Rubberized Grip
60% Polyamide(Nylon), 25% Polyester, 15% Elastane(Spandex)
Product Data
Commuter: Yes
Cyclocross: Yes
Road: Yes
MTB: Yes

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