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GUP Industries Kwiki Inflator & Sealant

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We like to think that when the designers at GUP Industries were brain storming the creation of the Kwiki Inflator & Sealant, it was less of a discussion between engineers and more of a love affair between CO2 and tire sealant. This romance budded, and blossomed into a beautiful child that provides us with a cartridge combining our favorite traits from both of its parents — tire plugging power from sealant — or so we think. All we know for sure is that this small 125ml cartridge carries the solution to many hours of trailside frustration and headaches.
The Kwiki Inflator & Sealant is a handy, 125ml cartridge equipped with both sealant and CO2, reducing the amount of time you spend fixing a flat by quickly filling your tire — up to a full 29-inch mountain bike tire — with both an extra burst of sealant to plug up the hole from your puncture, and enough pressure to get you back on the trail. It features a valve that is both Presta and Schrader compatible, so it will play well with virtually any tubeless setup, and offers a quick solution to flats on the go without having to ruin your tubeless setup and throw a tube in.


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A handy cartridge for sealing and filling flats
Combines C02 and sealant into one compact package
125ml volume for filling up to 29-inch MTB tires
Presta and Schrader compatible for various valves
Works with clincher, tubeless, and tubular tires


Valve Type: Presta, Schrader
Recommended Use: bike maintenance, mountain biking, road biking

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