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Hiplok DC Lock with Cable

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Convenience meets security with the Hiplok DC. This compact and strong everyday bike lock features a Sold Secure D Lock and 1m steel accessory cable. It's easy to take on a ride with Hiplok's CLIP + RIDE system to fit belts, bags and pockets.


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The world’s first wearable D-lock and Cable duo
Compact and strong everyday bike lock
This compact D-lock and cable duo is big on protection and practicality. A good lock choice for cycling in towns.
Clip the D lock on to your bag, pocket or bag strap for easy carry and quick lock up when you reach your destination. The CLIP + RIDE system means there is no need to put a dirty lock in your lap top bag or fit a bracket.
And when it comes to lock up, the Hiplok D gives you peace of mind with a 13mm hardened steel shackle with double anti-rotation locking to protect your bike. This means that a thief would need to cut both sides in order to access. The steel accessory cable is ideal protection for helmets, wheels and saddles.
Hiplok D includes Hiplok’s practical design features such as the rubberized shackle to prevent frame scratch and a rubberized cover to protect the key cylinder from dirt. Also includes 3 x coded replaceable keys and Hiplok Lifetime Warranty guarantee*.


-Sold Secure Silver
-Wearable D-lock and Cable Duo
-Integrated clips and slim profile - easy carrying on belts, bag straps, in pockets
-D-lock with 13mm hardened steel shackle
-1m steel cable (for protecting accessories)
-Cable clips on to D for portability
-Reflective detailing
-Coded Key Replacement Program

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