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Hutchinson Fusion 5 Pro Tech Folding Tire

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The Hutchinson Fusion 5 road tire is designed for demanding competitors & occasional cyclists refusing to chose between performance & durability. Also, the 100% Kevlar layer, which sits under the tread, aids in a 50% improvement in puncture protect.


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What is the HDF>5 Project? It’s the union of all HUTCHINSON Group intelligences, regarding research, development, and experience in the composition of the best cycling compounds. It is 105 combinations of compound mixtures, 80,000 miles on test benches, 21,000 miles on the bike - all for the ultimate goal; offer to every cyclist the HUTCHINSON road tire which they deserve. The HDF>5 consists of three types; 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 HDF>5.2 Compound Developed to provide the perfect balance between the thickness of the compound and the Kevlar reinforcement. The HDF>5.2 compound benefits from all the 5.1 qualities(found in the Fusion 5 Galactik tire), and includes a better puncture resistance. Kevlar Pro Tech Protection 100% Kevlar (Aramid) puncture reinforcement under the tread. Benefits include; 50% improvement in puncture resistance and adds puncture resistance without adding significant weight.


-100% Kevlar puncture reinforcement under the tread giving a 50% improvement in puncture protection
-Weights: 200g/215g
-Sizes: 700 x 23c/25c
-Bead: folding
-Compound: HDF 5.2
-TPI: 127
-Recommended Inflation Pressure: 85-11psi, optimal 99psi

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