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Hutchinson Toro Tubeless Ready MTB Tire

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Offering high levels of lateral grip, traction and puncture resistance, the Hutchinson Toro Tubeless Ready MTB Tire is ready for every mountain bike (MTB) adventure.


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Well-equipped for the demands of modern trail riding, this MTB tire is available in two different width options to match a wide range of riding disciplines. The 2.25" option is best suited to cross country (XC) racing and trail riding, while the 2.35" option is ideal for enduro and downhill racing.
Rain, rain go away…on second thought, we’ll just ride anyway. On days when the weather just won’t let up, neither will you with the Toro’s deep, widely spaced tread pattern. It’s ideal for loose conditions and wet trails, with excellent mud-shedding abilities. The RR.XC triple-compound technology provides a harder, deep-biting center tread for climbing and braking traction, with softer shoulder knobs to grab wet rocks and roots. The Hardskin raised cross hatching on the sidewall improves casing compliance and sidewall durability.

Tubeless Ready
Coming kitted out with tubeless-ready technology, this tire allows you to enjoy tubeless benefits such as the ability to run lower tire pressures. As a result, you’ll have increased stability, comfort and fewer risks of flats or punctures as you attack the trails. Whether you’re exploring your favorite mountain routes or taking part in an event, the Hutchinson Toro Tubeless Ready MTB Tire is a great choice of upgrade. Sold individually.


-Use: 2.25" Option: Cross Country (XC), Trail; 2.35" Option: Enduro, Downhill (DH)
-Bead: Folding
-TPI: 127
-Tubeless Ready: Yes
-Single or Pair: Single
-Weight: 2.25" Option: 805g; 2.35" Option: 950g

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