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ISM PN 1.1 Bike Saddle

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The ISM PN 1.1 Bike Saddle answers the call for a softer option in the Performance Narrow line. It has 40-series padding, just like the super plush Prolog saddle, adding to a more comfortable ride.


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The front arms of the PN 1.1 feature a contoured downward slope. This can aid in allowing the rider to roll their hips forward for high power output, or for increased comfort with a high amount of saddle-to-handlebar drop.
ISM’s winning design allows for increased hip rotation, thus decreasing a rider’s aerodynamic drag and opens the diaphragm for easier breathing.
Riders report an increase in wattage due to the more aggressive positioning of the ISM PN 1.1 saddle, and its loped front arms provide extra relief to the superficial perineal space.
From the start gate to the finish line, you will slice through the competition.


-Category: Performance Narrow
-Length: 270mm
-Width: 110mm
-Padding: 40-Series Foam and Gel
-Rails: Satin steel
-Colors: Black, White, Pink
-Maximum thigh clearance

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