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Jagwire Hyper Gear Cable Kit (Teflon)

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If you want the best shifting performance from your road, city or mountain bike's (MTB's) components, the Jagwire Hyper Gear Cable Kit (Teflon) is a perfect choice.


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The versatile Jagwire gear cable set is packed with value and the L3 lined housings will deliver many miles of smooth gear shifting performance. It boasts coated stainless steel inner cables and internally lined outer cables.


Use: Road, city, hybrid, mountain bike (MTB)
Housing: 4mm LEX derailleur housing with L3 liner (5mm for Chrome colored housing)
Outer Housing Length: 2500mm
Cables: Slick stainless, double-ended SRAM® & Shimano®
Cable Length: Front: 1500mm; Rear: 2300mm
Small Parts: 9 sealed ferrules, 1 raincoat boot, 6 donuts, 2 cable crimps, 2 Tube Tops
Product Data
Commuter: Yes
Touring: Yes
Cyclocross: Yes
Time Trial: Yes
Road: Yes
MTB: Yes

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