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KOO Spectro Luce Capsule Sunglasses

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Achieving uncompromised, adaptive vision and performance, KOO's Spectro Luce Capsule Sunglasses are optimised with an expansive, single Polycarbonate Turquoise Mirror lens for the ultimate visual experience when riding.


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With a large, Polycarbonate Turquoise Mirror lens, the KOO Spectro Luce Capsule Sunglasses promote vision clarity. Coated with Zeiss® Anti-Reflective technology, the lens eliminates reflections from front and back surfaces – meaning your eyes receive the most possible light, improving contrast, definition, and reducing eye strain.
Photochromic lens technology also provides adaptive coverage suited to a range of environments and conditions - the lens darkens in bright lighting and lightens in low lighting.

The enhanced, single-lens frame design boosts peripheral vision. The frame also provides a tailored feel with a soft rubber nose-pad, featuring two adjustable positions and a cushioned fit, ensuring long-lasting comfort. For further stabilisation, the glasses are engineered with Anti-slip MEGOL elastomer temple inserts for added grip – keeping the glasses in place during your most intense rides.


-Photochromic lens and Zeiss® Anti-Reflective technology
-Uncompromised clarity with Polycarbonate Turquoise Mirror lens
-Panoramic vision with a single-lens frame design
-Teal blue glass frame
-Minimised fogging with 4 ventilation ports
-Anti-slip MEGOL elastomer temple inserts provide added grip and comfort
-Size: Regular (M)

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