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LifeLine Pro Rolling Toolbox

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The X-Tools Rolling Tool Case is the perfect storage solution for the home - and professional - bike mechanic. The Rolling Tool Case is versatile as it's easy to transport to races or on cycling holidays with its detachable wheels and carrying handles


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Plenty of Storage Space

This X-Tools Rolling Tool Case has four sliding lined drawers with an integrated lock to provide plenty of safe and secure storage space. You can separate your tools according to size, how often you use them, tools used in combination with each other, or any approach you desire for total convenience. The X-Tools Rolling Tool Case has plenty of room for all of your tools, from a bottom bracket to a headset press, pedal wrenches, lubes, grease, and everything in-between.

Portable Tool Case

The X-Tools Rolling Tool Case features detachable wheels, a recessed carrying handle, and a shopping cart handle for excellent portability. If you're going to a stage race, a cycling vacation, or simply to work on a friend's bike, all you have to do is wheel this tool case to the car, pop it in your boot, and reverse when you've reached your destination. You no longer have to guess what tools you'll need only to be frustrated when you've forgotten to bring the crucial piece of the puzzle. The X-Tools Rolling Tool Case ensures that you'll have everything at hand when the time comes.


Dimensions: 40x19x55cm
Shopping cart handle for excellent portability
Detachable wheels
Removable tool tray
Recessed carrying handles
Four sliding lined drawers with integrated lock
Weight Unloaded: 11kg

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