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LifeLine Superlight PU Shock-Absorbing Bar Tape

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Premium handlebar tape with a matte velvet perforated finish for secure grip on the drops and flats. With a 2mm thick profile and a gel component, LifeLine Bar Tape provides increased cushioning and comfort on endurance road rides.


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LifeLine Superlight PU Shock-Absorbing Bar Tape has a grippy matte velvet texture and subtle red contrast pinholes. It is supplied with everything you need for a fresh feel and increased grip on the flats and drops. The gel component helps absorb the shock transmitted from uneven road surfaces and distributes pressure more evenly across your hands. The set includes two rolls to accommodate all bar sizes, two finishing strips and two custom LifeLine end plugs.


-Grippy matte velvet texture
-Perforations with subtle red contrast base
-2mm PU profile for a light cushioning effect
-An element of stretch and an adhesive backing strip for a tight, secure wrap
-Includes LifeLine end plugs
-2 small finishing strips included

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