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Magura Storm 180mm 6-Bolt Rotor

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The Magura Storm 180mm 6-Bolt Rotor is designed for extreme use and unparalleled braking performance under high braking forces. Original Magura brake rotor for all disc brakes, especially for the Magura MT series, the Storm rotor sets new standards in terms of performance and stability at a lower weight.


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Grabbing a fistful of brake on a steep descent only to find overheated rotors squealing and skipping underneath you isn't a feeling any of us enjoy. It's tricky, however, to find the right balance between quick cooling, powerful, and a large braking area. The Magura Storm HC 6-Bolt Rotor strikes the perfect balance between beefy and light, borrowing characteristics from both the Storm and Storm SL to achieve a happy medium with the power to stop you dead in your tracks, and cool quickly, so you don't end up with anodized rotors at the end of a hairy downhill.

Like it's siblings, the Storm HC is made from X30Cr12 steel, and uses a beefy width of 2mm for stiffness and reliability. The HC seems to pick and choose positive characteristics from the SL and original Storm when it comes to braking surface and cooling properties. Instead of the circular cuts of the standard Storm, the Storm HC uses oval cuts akin to the Storm SL, enabling improved cooling on the ride, but opts to use fewer cutouts. This change does result in a bit more weight, but at the gain of braking power and stiffness, making it stronger and more reliable than the SL.


Reliable rotors to help you stop on a dime
2mm thick for stiffness and durability
Ovalized cutouts help shed heat and weight
The happy medium between Storm and Storm SL
Powerful braking surface cools quickly
6-bolt ready, but can be adapter for centerlock

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