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Marzocchi Bomber CR MTB Rear Shock

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Ready for hitting your local mountain bike (MTB) trails, this rear shock is designed for use with a coil spring and offers adjustable low-speed compression and rebound damping.


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Thanks to its coil spring compatibility, this model delivers a smooth and consistent rear suspension feel that's predictable as you tackle demanding mountain terrain conditions. Its adjustment features also make it easy to dial in your ideal settings to match your riding style as well as the terrain.

Trail-Ready MTB Rear Shock
Curious about coil? It’s no secret coil shocks offer amazing on-trail feel and the Bomber CR provides a plush, planted feel and consistency during long shred sessions. From riders looking to breathe new life into an old ride to customers wanting a new bike that they can set and forget, the Bomber CR delivers. This high-performance yet simple rear shock pairs well with bikes in travel ranges from 130mm to over 200mm. Keeping in step with Marzocchi’s founding philosophies, this rear shock prioritizes suspension performance, ride quality and durability. Simply set your sag and rebound, and go ride.
Please note: This is for the damper only - Spring and mounting hardware must be purchased separately.


Adjustable low-speed compression and rebound damping
Bomb proof build for a set it and forget it rider
Available in Imperial, Metric and Trunnion options to select
Colour: Black
Size: 250mm Length x 75mm Stroke, 185mm Length x 52.5mm Stroke, 185mm Length x 55mm Stroke, 210mm Length x 55mm Stroke, 9.5" Length x 3.0" Stroke, 210mm Length x 50mm Stroke, 8.5" Length x 2.5" Stroke, 230mm Length x 65mm Stroke, 8.75" Length x 2.755" Stroke, 230mm Length x 60mm Stroke, 7.875" Length x 2.2575" Stroke, 205mm Length x 65mm Stroke, 205mm Length x 60mm Stroke, 7.5" Length x 2.0" Stroke, 225mm Length x 75mm Stroke
Option: Metric, Trunnion, Imperial

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