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Maxima 71920 Suspension Cleaner

$ 9.99   -20%
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The Maxima 71920 Suspension Cleaner is the cleaner you need to glean a suspension system internally and externally. The unique formula works quickly and leaves a dry, residue-free surface. A powerful spray and strong cleaning power will get you going again in no time at all.


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Maxima's Suspension cleaner is a unique formula that quickly and easily cleans suspension internally and externally leaving a dry, residue free surface. This professional formula integrates strong industrial cleaners with a powerful spray that displaces moisture to restore all those moving parts for the next shred sesh. Its overspray will not harm o-rings or most seal materials.


Specially formulated for the suspension industry professional
Dries quickly and completely, leaves no residue
Will not remove most inks or printing
Will not harm most rubber materials or bushings
Displaces moisture
No harsh chemical smell

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