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Mobi Eco Bike Cleaning Concentrate 950ml

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Mobi's Mobi Eco Bike Cleaning Concentrate will help you to maintain a clean, smooth, and fast bike. The 950ml bottle of Eco Bike Cleaning Concentrate is ideal for those who love nothing more than a clean bike.


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Universal Bike Cleaning
The Mobi Eco Bike Cleaning Concentrate ican be used on all surfaces, including all paintwork and clear coat finishes. So, whether you're clocking up winter miles on a road bike, tackling muddy cyclocross courses, or the worst trails, the Mobi Eco Bike Cleaning Concentrate is ready to restore your bike to its former glory.

Fast Acting Formula
The fast acting formula will get to work straight away. Simply use one part concentrate to four parts water for the perfect strength bike cleaning. The formula penetrates dirt and grime to make light work of cleaning your bike.

Eco Friendly
Mobi's Eco range has been designed for effective bike maintenance with minimal environmental impact. By maximizing the use of sustainable ingredients from natural sources, Mobi's Eco range is readily biodegradeable and free from petro-chemicals and other toxins. Not only will you ride a cleaner, fast bike, but you'll be looking after the environment at the same time.


-Contents: 950ml
-One part Concentrate to four parts Water
-100% Acid Free
-Fast Acting Formula
-Removes Dirt, Grease and Oil
-Safe for Paintwork and Clear coats
-Free from Petroleum based solvents
-Convenient to transport

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