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ODI Vans Lock-On Grips

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Combining looks and control, the ODI Vans Lock-On Grips have the waffle sole pattern that will make it stand out from the crowd, while it does a fantastic job of giving you a firm grip of your ride.


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Two Southern California originals have teamed up to create a modern- day classic grip design. When it comes to iconic patterns, there’s nothing more recognizable than the Vans Waffle pattern.
Much like the unique patterns that ODI uses on their grips, the Vans waffle pattern was designed for comfort and function. It only made sense for the two companies to collaborate on one of the coolest looking grips on the market today.
The ODI X Vans grips are as efficient as they are striking.


-The VANS® Lock-On Grips will be sold exclusively through ODI and its authorized partners
-130mm length
-VANS® Waffle pattern
-Come complete with Snap Caps

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