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Prime Threaded Bottom Bracket (SRAM-GXP)

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Prime's Threaded BB is a high-quality bottom bracket designed for use with all SRAM and Rotor GXP cranksets with a 24/22mm axle diameter. Precision made for durability and smoothness; Prime Bottom Brackets keep your bike running smoother for longer.
Low Friction Bottom Bracket


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Designed so that the bearings rest on the axle of the crank, these BBs provide a straight load to the bearings, which means your BB will last longer. This also allows us to make the Prime Threaded BB with tighter tolerances, so it runs smoother with less friction. This means you'll require less effort to make it up that hill or sprint for the line.
To keep our Threaded BB running smoother for longer, we use special seals that keep water out of the bearings. We use multiple smaller seals, which reduces friction and provides a better barrier against moisture and dirt. Our bearings themselves are manufactured to precision and packed with slick, waterproof grease.

Ceramic Bearings
With our ceramic bearing option, friction is reduced meaning less energy is required to turn the cranks, they're also more durable, and don’t rust so they'll require less maintenance. If you're a rider seeking out every possible advantage over the competition, the ceramic option can help take your performance to the next level.


Bearing: Premium Stainless Steel & Ceramic options available
Frame Type: BSA (English) Threaded Road
Suits 68mm wide bottom bracket shells
Crank Type: SRAM/Rotor (24/22mm)
Weight: 105g (Steel Bearings), 100g (Ceramic Bearings)
Product Data
Bottom Bracket Type: Threaded
Commuter: Yes
Touring: Yes
Cyclocross: Yes
Time Trial: Yes
Road: Yes

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