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PRO Gravel Comfort Tape Handlebar Tape

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When out in the roaming country far from the comforts of the soul-food diner, you’ve got to treat yourself to any amenities you can strap to the bike.


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The PRO Gravel Comfort Tape offers the cushiness of 3mm of padding as well as boosts grip for off-road specific needs — as losing grip is often not recoverable. PRO extends the length of the Gravel to 2300mm in case you’d like a tighter overlap on wrapping to minimize separation under heavy bashing situations. And the geometric patterning makes each wrap look different from the next.

-Bar tap tuned to a higher level of grip for gravelin'
-Extra length added for a tighter wrap
-Thick cushioning holds up to rougher bashing when off the groomed lanes
-Smart silicone backing sticks well for easy install
-Geometric design makes each wrap unique
-Item #PRSJ00X


Length: 230mm
Thickness: 3mm
Activity: bike

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