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Prologo Dimension STN 143 Saddle

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This steady and supportive saddle is the ultimate choice for the multi-discipline rider. Fully-equipped with a pressure-reducing PAS system cut out along the center, the focus of this superb seat is firmly on comfort and composure.


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This brilliant STN model features a special channel helps maintain blood flow to your perineal area, eliminating numbness and discomfort on prolonged journeys, while the light foam padding keeps your sit bones perfectly cushioned.

Lightweight Multi-Discipline Saddle
A smooth-movement microfibre cover lets you find your optimal position with ease, as strong and sturdy STN rails round out this excellent Prologo throne. The rear section of the seat is shaped to look after your lumbar area while providing pelvic support and improved pedaling performance, with the long, squared-off nose enhancing control and climbing prowess.


Rail Material: Steel
Padding: Light Foam
Cover: Microfibre
Saddle Dimensions: 245x143mm
Weight: 276g
Product Data
Rail Material: Steel
Road: Yes
MTB: Yes

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