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Reflex Complete Diet Protein

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Combining protein and carbs with added CLA, L-Carnitine, Green Tea, Chromium and Digestive Enzymes, the Reflex Complete Diet Protein 600g can be used in two ways, as a meal replacement to aid in striPping weight, or as a post-work out shake.


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Reflex’s Complete Diet Protein 600g is a great tasting protein powder, that uses all-natural flavors, that has multiple uses:
Breakfast - A healthy breakfast shake, great for when you’re on your go.
Mid-Morning Snack – A great snack alternative that keeps you fuller for longer, stopping you reaching for less healthy snack alternatives throughout the day.
Lunchtime – A healthy, low calorie meal replacement.
Post Workout - Replace your normal protein shake with the Complete Diet Protein powder as your post-workout pick me up. Helping you to rebuild muscle and recover with a high protein content while also minimizing weight gain.

Directions for Use
Meal Replacement
Mix 60g (approximately 2 x 60ml scoops) with 350ml of water until smooth, even consistency is achieved. 60g is the recommended portion size for this product.

Protein Post-Workout Shake
Mix 30g (approximately 1 x 60ml scoops) with 175ml of water until a smooth, even consistency is achieved. A 30g serving size does not constitute a meal replacement.


-Aids in weight loss
-Natural flavors
-No soy protein
-Blend of protein: Whey Protein Concentrate, Pea Pumpkin and Rice
-23 Vitamins and minerals
-Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics
-All 9 essential amino acids
Vegetarian/Vegan Information:
-Suitable for Vegetarians: YES
-Suitable for Vegans: NO

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