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Repente Latus M Saddle

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The Repente Latus M Saddle features a wide shape, carbon rails and an impressively low weight, which makes it ideal for both road cycling and gravel adventure riding disciplines.


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Specifically developed for male and female cyclists who prefer a wider platform, this saddle comes equipped with a 142mm width for maintaining a comfortable and stable riding position. Whether you're into road cycling or gravel adventure riding, its hard-wearing microfibre and polyurethane (PU) cover also makes it more than capable of handling the increased pressure that's associated with long-distance rides. Another highlight is its carbon fiber shell and saddle rails, which offer a fantastic combination of stiffness, durability and low weight performance as you clock up the miles. Coming complete with super-lightweight EVA foam padding, this is a perfect choice of upgrade for benefitting from increased comfort and support, wherever your next ride takes you.

Central Channel and EVA Foam Padding
Viewed from the side, the upper profile of the saddle has a slight central gap that's designed to help cyclists maintain the most comfortable riding position, preventing any sliding forward. The wide longitudinal anatomical channel that runs down this saddle's middle section is shaped to ensure adequate support even in the seat tip area. The anatomical channel reaches its maximum depth where this is most useful to help ease pressure on your perineal area. The curvature between the wider part of the saddle and the more tapered front has been designed to guarantee maximum freedom of leg movement and to avoid any inner thigh chafing. Extra padding made of EVA, a high-performance foam material, ensures support all the way to the front, avoiding discomfort and numbness, even when riding in an aerodynamic position.

Please note: Make sure your seatpost clamp is suitable for 7x9mm rails. The Repente Latus M Saddle's carbon rails measure 7x9mm, so the seatpost clamp must accommodate this configuration. Please make sure that your bike has a seatpost clamp suitable for this measurement: the traditional 7mm clamp for round rails will not work.
Manufacturer's Part Number:
RP-ASL200-1207BK Black 240x142mm


Cover Material: Water-based Microfibre/Polyurethane (PU)
Shell Material: Unidirectional (UD) Carbon Fiber T700
Rails Material: Unidirectional (UD) Carbon Fiber T700 (Multi-section Carbon rails)
Padding Material: Super lightweight EVA Foam
Use: Road, Gravel
Size: 240x142mm
Rails Size: 7x9mm Oversize
Autoclave Resistance Enhancement
Weight: 140g
Product Data
Rail Material: Carbon
Road: Yes

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