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Repente Magnet Grip Saddle

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Developed for triathlon and time trial racing, the Repente Magnet Grip Saddle as its name suggests provides both male and female riders with fantastic grip, comfort and positioning. As a result, it's all set for race day.


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Ready for racing, this saddle features a high-quality microfibre and polyurethane (PU) cover for the best combination of durability and support. Repente has also equipped this model with a special high-grip film, which allows you to maintain an ideal riding position as you transfer all of your leg power to your pedals. Both the rail and the shell are made of high-modulus unidirectional carbon fiber, so you can enjoy a stable and secure hold to your seatpost, without any unnecessary excess weight. Weighing only 135g and coming kitted out with lightweight EVA foam padding, this is a perfect upgrade for modern time trial (TT), triathlon (Tri) and track racing.
The Magnet saddle is made specifically for the aero riding position, where the athlete uses much more the front of the saddle. The nose of the Magnet has a more important function because it has to sustain the rider comfort. The Magnet’s nose is larger, with a thick padding and a relevant anatomical channel. Because the normal sitting position is more forward, the wider nose width does not give any discomfort.

Ultralight Saddle for Triathlon and Time Trial
The Repente Magnet is the ultimate Triathlon/TT saddle for men and women. Finding and maintaining your perfect saddle position has never been so easy.
Width: All Repente saddles take into account the conventional anatomical center to position and shape:
1) The best point of contact of the ischium bones (sit bones) for comfort and ideal the position for performance.
2) The outline shape of the front of the saddle to give freedom of movement to the legs.
The Magnet’s surface coating is in three parts, each made of a specific material that helps maintain the best position on the saddle. Repente calls this Position Control, hence the name of the saddle, allowing you to move when you want and maintain power output.

Please note: Make sure your seatpost clamp is suitable for 7x9mm rails. The Repente Magnet Grip Saddle's carbon rails measure 7x9mm, so the seatpost clamp must accommodate this configuration. Please make sure that your bike has a seatpost clamp suitable for this measurement: the traditional 7mm clamp for round rails will not work.

Manufacturer's Part Number:
RP-ASMG00-1207BK Black 240x140mm


Cover Material: Microfibre/Polyurethane (PU) with water-based coating
Shell Material: Unidirectional (UD) Carbon Fiber T-700
Rails Material: Unidirectional (UD) Carbon Fiber T-700 (multi-section Carbon rails)
Padding Material: Super lightweight EVA Foam
Use: Time Trial (TT), Triathlon (Tri) and Track
Size: 240x140mm
Rails Size: 7x9mm Oversize
Autoclave Resistance Enhancement
Weight: 135g
Product Data
Rail Material: Carbon
Road: Yes

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