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Reynolds ARX 58/62 Carbon Disc Wheelset

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Designed for tackling all the challenges that are associated with road cycling, the Reynolds ARX 58/62 Carbon Disc Wheelset provides fast and smooth performance on the toughest of rides.


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This road bike wheelset features two wide tubeless-ready carbon rims, which provide a superior fit for higher volume tires and allows you to benefit from increased grip, comfort, as well as a lower rolling resistance. Reynolds has equipped this model with disc brake compatibility, so you can also enjoy consistent and predictable braking power when cornering as you maintain your momentum. Another final highlight is its wider rim shape is optimized for crosswind stability, which means that you’ll remain stable and balanced during unpredictable riding conditions.


-Rim: Strike Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake 58mm, Strike Carbon Tubeless Disc Brake 62mm; Decal: Black water slide
-Use: Road
-Width: Inner: F:19mm; R:21mm; Outer: F:28mm; R:30mm
-Rim Depth: F:58mm; R:62mm
-Spokes: F:24; R:24; Spoke Pattern: Front: 2x; Rear: 2x; Spoke Type: CX-Sprint
-Hub: Front: Reynolds Hub / Center Lock - Disc Brake Compatible; Rear: Reynolds Hub / Center Lock -
-Disc Brake Compatible
-Nipple: External Alloy
-Brake Type: Disc brake

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