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RockShox Vivid Air R2C Rear Shock

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RockShox Vivid Air R2C
is the ultimate downhill air shock. The World Cup proven performance does not take second place to the Vivid Coil yet it is about 400 grams lighter and highly adjustable.


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The spring rate of the light, plush and revolutionary
Twin Tube Solo Air
spring can be adjusted using just one valve, effectively filling the positive and negative air chamber simultaneously. Inside the large volume outer air chamber there is a second air chamber, connected to the first one through a bleed hole, effectively creating one larger chamber. This creates a more linear spring rate, unmatched by other air shocks. Furthermore the Twin Tube Solo Air spring is able to better cope with the heat encountered on long and demanding descends. With the Rapid Recovery rebound- system the Monarch provides a perfect damping. The system "swallows" fast successive hits and guarantee enough travel for bigger hits and big drops.

The hydraulic damping with IFP (independent floating piston) in the piggyback canister offers even better performance and more control over the bike. The low-speed compression can be adjusted easily with a dial.
Suspension shouldn't wallow in rock gardens or buck after big drops. That's why the
Dual Flow Adjust
rebound incorporates two independent damping circuits allowing for separate rebound speeds for big hits and small ones. Both rebound circuits are adjustable.

Hot Rod
thermal compensating needle guarantees consistent rebound damping performance without fading. A RockShox tuned thermoplastic resin core in the adjuster rod expands when the shock heats up, effectively compensating for the damping oil getting thinner because of the heat.


Brand RockShox
Manufacturer Part Number 00.4118.140.000
UPC 710845777608
Product Weight 1.86
Product Condition New in Box
Warranty Duration 2 Years

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