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Saris MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform

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The Saris MP1 Nfinity Trainer Platform brings movement and leaning dynamics to indoor cycling. This revolutionary platform design replicates the cycling sensations you experience when riding on the open road from within your own home.


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This trainer platform is designed to be used with any bike trainer and comes fully assembled and ready to use straight out of the box. Plus, it features Saris’ Nfinity Technology that enables it to move with you as you corner, climb hills and race down virtual descents while maintaining stability for the ultimate immersive cycling experience. And, this trainer platform is compatible with all major brands and models of bike turbo trainers and makes every indoor training session feel more meaningful and enjoyable regardless of your setup.

Nfinity Technology
Bringing stationary cycling to life, the MP1 moves in multiple axes with the utmost stability. This design results in an innovative technology, which combines curves, axes, gravity-physics and mechanical excellence. The MP1 design is the only way to experience this revolutionary technology and the joys of outdoor cycling within you home.

Increased Training Comfort and Immersion
Riding indoors as you train limits your movements due to the traditional trainer’s design. However, revolutionary market-leading pressure mapping and motion capture technology prove that the MP1 system significantly reduces saddle and foot pressure compared to when riding on a static trainer.

Recruit More Muscles
With this system, you have to account for balance while you train. It enables you to engage the upper body and smaller key muscles to stay balanced as you put the power down. The MP1 system is the only way to recruit large and small muscle groups while riding indoors.

High-Quality Construction
The MP1 features a sublime construction and looks as great as it performs. The main platform decking is built using elegant birch wood and only the highest-quality steel is used for its framework to ensure the MP1 will withstand even the hardest performance-outputs.

Fun and Hassle-Free Performance
Although this platform significantly increases your workout, Saris also have successfully enhanced the fun and enjoyment of training sessions. This movement platform with its Nfinity Technology brings indoor training to life and make it feel infinitely more worthwhile.


-Material: Steel, Aluminum and Birch
-Dimensions: 152mm tall x 1600mm long x 902mm wide
-Technology: Saris Nfinity
-Max Fore-Aft Travel: 9.5”
-Max Side-to-Side Angle: 6°
-Compatible with all major brands and models of bike trainers
-Fully assembled in box
-Grip tape strategically placed to assist in walking on the trainer platform
-Tested to the combined weight (rider, bike and trainer) of 350 lb
-Built-in front wheel block for road and MTB
-Weight: 28kg

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