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Scicon AeroComfort 3.0 TSA Road Bike Travel Bag

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Whether you are traveling or racing, the Scicon AeroComfort 3.0 TSA Road Bike Travel Bag features an impressive hybrid protection system that will provide valuable piece of mind.


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Each of the variants of this bag features a dual protection system that combines a padded outer soft shell and an integrated frame stand, which is compatible with QR and Thru Axle systems. The internal frame defender protects the bike from impacts as well as doubling as a stand whilst the advanced protection features hold the bike firmly in place and use rigid protection shields to protect the most delicate and fragile areas of the bike.
The Triathlon (Tri) variant accommodates aerobars that are protected by a padded nylon protection cover with rigid inserts to protect the shifters and bar layout with the mountain bike (MTB) version only needing the handlebars loosened and rotated to fit safely and securely in the travel bag.
The Scicon AeroComfort 3.0 TSA Road Bike Travel Bag is light and easy to store when not in use by folding down to a practical size. Weighing at 8/9 kg (Road & Triathlon/MTB), it allows travelers to stay below the maximum allowance of most airlines saving on additional fees.
This item is Travel Sentry® Approved with a TSA padlock to ensure no unwanted access but access for customs and security services. The use of the internal wheel pockets and frame defender means that customs personnel can inspect the bike without having to remove it from the bike bag.
If you want a safe way to transport your bike around the world, the Scicon AeroComfort 3.0 TSA Road Bike Travel Bag has the perfect balance of protection and practicality.

External Dimensions:
-Road: 109 x 103 x 50 cm
-Tri: 129 x 98 x 45 cm
-MTB: 124 x 98 x 25 cm

Folded Dimensions:
-Road: 104 x 93 x 23 cm
-Tri: 80 x 90 x 23 cm
-MTB: 116 x 94 x 23 cm


-Travel Sentry® Approved
-Easy to pack
-Thru Axle compatible
-Lightweight construction
-8 Precision Ball Bearing Wheels with 360 rotation
-Weight: 8 kg (Road/Tri) 9 kg (MTB)

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