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Selle Italia X-Bow Superflow Saddle

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The Selle Italia X-Bow Superflow Saddle comes feature-packed with a trail-ready design that includes FEC alloy rails, a shock absorber and Superflow technology. Ideal for mountain bike (MTB), electric mountain bike (E-MTB) and gravel disciplines.


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Engineered for conquering every off-road adventure, this saddle features a dependable Soft-Tek cover that uses its special polyurethane construction to ensure high levels of comfort. Selle Italia has also kitted out this version with FEC alloy rails for the best balance of strength and flexibility, which makes it ready for everything from fast-paced trail riding to day-long gravel adventures. Benefitting from a neutral shape with rear upsweep, it's recommended for riders with dynamic riding positions as well as those who like a more upright riding experience.

MTB Saddle with Superflow Technology
Coming equipped with Superflow technology, it uses its special central relief channel that runs down its middle section to relieve any pressure or fatigue from around your sit bones. This makes it perfect for all-day epics on your mountain bike or for going the extra distance on your gravel bike. Another highlight is this model's shock absorption system between its shell and its rail. Thanks to this system, it highly reduces shocks and vibrations wherever your next adventure takes you. Whether you're shredding your favorite trails with your riding buddies or planning your next gravel adventure along countryside back roads, the Selle Italia X-Bow Superflow Saddle is engineered for performance.

-Soft-Tek Cover: Special polyurethane cover guarantees high levels of comfort.
-FEC Alloy Rails: High strength and flexible carbon-iron steel alloy, ø 7 mm.
-Neutral Shape: Neutral shape is recommended for individuals with both Anterior (Dynamic Rider) and Posterior (Static Rider) Pelvic Tilt.
-Shock Absorber: Absorption system between the shell and the rail that highly reduces road shocks and vibrations.
-Superflow Channel: The SuperFlow technology drastically reduces all physical limitations caused by prolonged pressure in the perineal area.
-S3 idmatch Option: "Narrow" intertrochanteric distance and high pelvic rotation. (SuperFlow saddles).

L3 idmatch Option: "Wide" intertrochanteric distance and high pelvic rotation. (SuperFlow saddles).
- Neutral shape with rear upsweep.
- Superflow shell with filled and cutout padding.
- Short saddle.
- +1cm extra rail regulation.
- Dynamic rail shock absorption.
- Controlled flexibility of the shell.


-Cover Material: Soft-Tek
-Shell Material: Polypropylene
-Rails Material: FEC Alloy (Carbon-Iron Steel Alloy)
-Use: Mountain Bike (MTB), Electric Mountain Bike (E-MTB) and Gravel
-Dimensions: S3 Option: 145x255mm; L3 Option: 155x255mm; Rails Size: 7mm
-Central Cut Out: Superflow channel
-Shape: Neutral
-Vibration Damping: Shock absorber
-Id Match: S3 and L3 options available to select
-Weight: S3 Option: 310g; L3 Option: 320g
Product Data:
-Rail Material: Alloy
-MTB: Yes

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