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Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL Carbon Pedals

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Super lightweight carbon Shimano Ultegra R8000 SPD-SL road pedals designed to work with the Ultegra groupset for high performance road racing. Weighing only 248 grams per pair the new and improved Ultegra R8000 pedals use a wider carbon body to deliver a large shoe contact area, relieving pressure and providing a large base through which to put down your power. A 10mm body height from the axle's centre to the top of the cleat assures a low stack height, giving you better connection and reduced weight. A large binding target allows a quick and easy engagement while wide cleats provide more efficient pedalling. The pedal uses a stainless steel body plate over the carbon for increased durability and a low maintenance sealed cartridge axle unit for a long life and smooth rotation.


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The SPD-SL SH11 (yellow) cleat with 6° of float (+/-3) are included with the pedals while the fixed (0°) SH10 (red) are still sold separately as an option. Some cyclists choose to purchase the current Dura-Ace cleat system, which uses the blue SH12 (2°) cleats to allow the toe of the cleat to automatically center and reduce lateral movement. Your local bike fit specialist can assist you if you have questions about cleat placement or proper axle length. The cleats themselves feature the Delta-style 3-bolt design, though optimized for Shimano's SPD-SL shoes, the shape works with most other 3-bolt shoe models that have a slightly curved sole.

As with all Shimano pedals, the rear retention spring is adjustable, allowing you to customize release tension with a few turns of a 2.5mm hex key. The nickel plated chromoly axle is highly resistant to corrosion and is installed with an 8mm hex key from behind the crank interface. Always use a little grease on the threads and check for tightness after your first ride, as well as whenever you clean and lube your chain. Shimano offers the R8000 pedals with this +4mm (56mm) model, which impacts your Q-factor, or the distance from the center of the bike to the center of the pedal. The Long axle version may ensure a better alignment for riders who benefit from a wider stance. Again, your bike fit expert will be able to assist you with the best Q-factor alignment for your physiology. The standard length axle version is also available.


Long axle (+4mm) R8000 SPD-SL Road pedals lighter, equally stiff, better cornering clearance than 6800
Design features 70mm wide supportive pedaling platform, serviceable internals
Outstanding build quality and materials deliver exceptional high mileage performance
Chromoly steel axle is strong and has been nickel plated for corrosion resistance
Injection molded carbon composite CFRP body has been sculpted to reduce weight
Integrated, strategically placed Special Stainless steel wear plates
Body rides on two bearings and one bushing for excellent load distribution
Includes yellow SH-11 three-hole cleats with +/- 3° float (SH-10, SH-12 compatible)
Stack height: 10mm
Release tension spring adjustable with 2.5mm hex key
Install with 8mm hex key through back of crank arm
Cornering clearance angle to road: 33°
Options: Standard length axle (52mm from crank to center of pedal), or Long (56mm)
Weight: 252 grams per pair

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