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Shimano XT M8020 Front Derailleur

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11-speed drivetrains were originally only found on high-end road bikes. In the past couple of years, mountain biking’s elite groups have adopted 11-speeds. This year XT adopts the 11-speed drivetrain with its M8020 line of components. The Shimano XT FD-M8020-D 2x11 front derailleur is only compatible with direct-mount 2-speed systems.

For its move to 11-speed compatibility, Shimano has made some important changes to its XT front derailleurs for the M8000 group. The new derailleur provides wider clearance for the new larger wheels and tires. It’s also compatible with the shorter chainstays found on many of today’s frames. Even with these changes, Shimano retains the XT front derailleur’s efficient cable routing to keep shift action light and quick.

This Deore XT Direct Mount Front Derailleur has a flat inboard surface with an upright rib that corresponds to the groove in the flat Direct Mount you'll find on your seat tube. One bolt holds it all together and your only adjustment will be up and down in relation to the chainrings. Since there's no way to twist the derailleur around the seat tube, it goes on lined up perfectly with the chainrings and your shifting should be spot on once the cable tension and limit screws are set. The limit screws are angled outward to facilitate adjustment for convoluted rear suspension designs as well.
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Lightweight front low clamp band mount Dyna-Sys11 11-speed double MTB derailleur for smooth gear changes
Designed specifically with modern trail bikes in mind, Shimano XT side swing technology front derailleurs increases tyre clearance by 15mm, while new cable routing resulting in the lightest shifting action yet
Side pull cable routing
Reinforced light weight chain guide adds rigidity and improved response
Wider pivot link increases torsional rigidity
Easy access angled adjustment screws and clamp bolt
Angled inner chain guide tail for increased tyre clearance
Dyna-Sys11 11-speed design - for use with Dyna-Sys11 11-speed MTB drivetrains
Developed specifically for double chainsets and frames with band on frame design
Specifically developed for 68 and 73 mm bottom bracket shells with a 48.8 mm chain line
66-69 degree chainstay to seat tube angle range
34-38 tooth outer ring compatible


A 2x system that offers near endless gear ranges
Ideal for steep slopes that challenge your conviction
Direct-mount system keeps things clean and tidy
Shimano's XT line shifts crisp and consistently
Wider clearance offers room for beefier wheels and tires

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