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Speedplay Zero Aero Stainless Pedals

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Speedplay demonstrates its usual willingness to aim high when it claims that the new Zero Aero Stainless Pedals constitute "the most aerodynamic pedal system. Period." That's a bold claim, but the pedals come stamped with the implicit endorsement of none other than Wiggins himself, who chose the Zero Aero pedal system for his successful hour record attempt. It's hard to argue that the neutral space of the velodrome isn't the ultimate proving ground for aerodynamic qualities, and it's hard to argue with the results that Wiggins achieved.
The Zero Aero owes its wind-dodging abilities to a handful of design tweaks, including a reduced frontal area, a streamlined profile, and the kind of dimpling that we've already seen employed to revolutionize the wheelset industry. The dimpling extends to the cleat, which is housed in a walkable, rubberized shell that's contoured to create a seamless transition from pedal to cleat, denying the wind a foothold on any pronounced transitional ridges.
Like the standard Zero pedals, the Zero Aero models feature 15 degrees of micro-adjustable float and independently adjustable fore/aft, side-to-side, and rotational positions. The Zero's low stack height nets more pedaling efficiency and corner clearance while also contributing to the Zero Aero system's streamlined, low-profile aerodynamics.


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Aerodynamic pedals for stealing speed
New updates reduce frontal area, streamline profile
Dimpling in pedal and cleats reduce drag
Shell is contoured for seamless cleat to pedal transition
15-degrees of micro-adjustable float for ultimate comfort
Low stack heights elevate pedaling efficiency and clearance


Material [spindle] stainless steel
Float free 0 - 15°
Cleats rubberized walkable
Entry / Release micro adjustable 0° - 7.5°
Spindle Diameter 9/16in
Claimed Weight [single pedal] 3.7oz (105g), [pair + 3-bolt cleats] 4.6oz (130g), [pair + 4-bolt cleats] 4.6oz (118g)
Activity time trial, triathlon
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years

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