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VeloToze Silicone Shoe Cover

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Keeping your feet warm and dry when cycling through cold, wet and wild weather, the sleek design of the VeloToze Silicone Shoe Covers does away with zippers to create an incredibly aero fit, while poppers below make it easier to get them on.


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With their high-stretch silicone construction and zipperless design, the Silicone Shoe Covers offer outstanding protection from the rain. This also gives them their smooth, aerodynamic fit, ideal for racing and training. Not only waterproof, but they’re also outstanding at keeping out wind too, making them just as good to wear in the dry as in the wet. The high degree of flexibility also ensures your pedal stroke is unhindered.

If water is entering through vent holes on the bottom of your shoe, remove the insole from the shoe and place tape or waterproof material over vent holes during the rainy season.

Fitting Instructions:
1: Put on your socks
2: Pull the shoe cover/shoe covers on over your socks first
3: Ensure closure at bottom of the shoe cover is open
4: Put on your cycling shoes
5: Stretch the cover over your shoes and close snap underneath
6: Adjust around ankle, cleats and heel pad. Ensure no part of the shoe cover is over cleats or heel pad.

Care Instructions
-Hand wash with cold water, air dry.
-Do not bleach. Do not iron.
-Store out of direct sunlight.


-100% Silicone rubber
-Waterproof: silicone keeps your feet warm and dry
-Windproof: windproof materials keep your feet warm on a cold morning or winter rides
-Easy to put on: snaps on below cycling shoe
-Flexible: silicone stretches and flexes with you as you ride
-Designed for -5 C in dry, sunny weather to 15 C in wet, rainy weather
-Sold as a pair

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