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WTB Gravelier Cromoly Saddle

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Gravel riders rejoice! With the release of the WTB Gravelier Cromoly Saddle, you now have a gravel bike-specific option which will instantly improve how your bike feels, handles and performs. Plus, with cromoly (CrMo) rails on board, you’ll stay comfortable for longer even as you take on epic distances over the toughest trails.


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WTB's Gravelier represents the pinnacle of pedaling comfort and performance for gravel riders who put in big miles at an expeditious pace. Gravel riders tend to pedal in a forward-leaning position for long periods of time and the Gravelier accommodates this with a side profile that curves from tip-to-tail and cradles the pelvis to provide “locked-in” support. The perineal relief cutout of the Gravelier improves blood flow and reduces numbness in sensitive areas when the hips are rotated forward in an aggressive, forward-leaning pedaling position. The Gravelier’s short 246mm length is paired with a mid-length section that quickly widens out to provide ample room if riders choose to shift beyond the primary support zone. Built for Speed. Built for Distance. Built for Gravel.


-Cover Material: Microfibre
-Shell: Flex-Tuned Nylon
-Rail Material: Chromoly (CrMo)
-Rail Size: 7x7mm
-Padding: HLX
-Use: Gravel, Adventure Road, Cyclocross (CX)
-Dimensions: 140x246mm (WxL)
-Recommended Rider Size: 100-130mm sit bone widths
-Weight: 246g

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