About Us

Velo Deals was started in 2019. By two ex-professional. Now avid amateur cyclists who love cycling, but don’t like to pay exorbitant prices for their gear. We’ve been managing to find good deals online for cycling gear for the past several years and we have noticed that our road and mountain cyclists buddies have been talking about how exhausting it can be to look for good cycling deals online, so we have decided to provide an online platform for our friends, family and cycling community where great deals can be posted, shared and talked about. We are a deal forum where you can browse, post and comment about great offers on cycling gear that users like you find online and post here. We do not sell any of the gear ourselves and we merely provide the link between a cyclist in need of gear and an online store that offers it for less than anyone else. Please join us in our efforts to bring great cycling gear at a discounted price to riders everywhere.