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Bicycles and cycling are answers to so many problems of today, or any day for that matter. From health to the environment issues here lies the answer. We are on the lookout for you for the best deals on all kinds of ready bicycles. You are in the right place.

Introducing different types of bicycles

Bicycle is an answer to several burning issues of body and mind of a modern person and humanity on a whole. It is a great means for physical exercise and fitness both for professional athletes and for recreationalists in achieving respective high results.  It is a great stress reliever, not only as a result of a physical activity, but cycling being done outside brings along all the benefits of being in touch with nature, focusing on something else, doing something repetitive… Concerning the benefits of use of bicycles for commuting for the environment as opposed to using any other vehicle powered by fossil fuels doesn’t require many words. There are several types of bicycles that can clearly be recognized based on their primary use.
  • First one is BMX bike which was initially designed for racing, but nowadays is a category of bicycles on its own used for several freestyle disciplines of BMX called street, park, dirt, vert and flatland.
  • Second one is city bike. It is designed for easy commuting in the city, on tarmac and gravel, it features a more upright sitting position with better visibility of the surroundings, it is easily loaded with biking bags to facilitate the everyday needs.
  • Third type is electric bike which can be any type of bike with the addition of an pedaling charged battery, mostly city and electric mountain bike. They come in very handy in the hilly areas and on longer commutes.
  • Next category is mountain bike. Initially designed for nature lovers and adventure seekers with their knobby tires and suspensions MTB bikes have been gaining on popularity among rookies adventurers as well as city dwellers as they are practical for jumping over curbs and potholes.
  • And there are road bikes referred to usually as racing bikes, designed for paved road and going as fast as possible, with sitting low with bent handlebar and smooth tires, all to create less friction.

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