Bicycle Accessories

Bicycle accessories are a whole range of products especially designed to be used on a bicycle. Bicycle accessories are made to work for you and serve you, so that you can enjoy your ride better, feel safer and more comfortable. Browse through our deal’s selection of bike accessories to find the one that will suit your needs as well as your bicycle.

Introducing different types of bike accessories

Safety first for you and your bike

You will definitely start with a good bike helmet and depending on the routes you take and in what kind of weather conditions, extra visibility cycling jacket would be a smart choice. Of course, bike headlights and rear tail lights are also a must. A good bike lock is also a necessity if you are in the situation to leave your bike unattended.  Take it easy on the bike bell, but hey, sometimes you will just have to, for their own good… You’ll need cycling goggles or glasses if you cover longer distances, or you take part in rides. If you take your toddler with you, you’ll need a specially designed baby seat or a trailer. As a matter of fact the trailer can be multifunctional.

Training and performance

With all the gadgets going digital we have started measuring and analyzing everything. But the fact that it has become overused to the point of questioning the purpose, in sports, from where it all started, it all still makes very much sense. Here at Velo Deals we constantly scout for the best deals on all the cycling equipment, including the latest models of power meters, bike computers, heart rate monitors and sport watches which are devices proven to help make your training as efficient as possible. And when the weather is grim you don’t have to miss your training session by using fitness devices like trainers and rollers and devices for muscle stimulation which are ideal for efficient home training.

Comfort and functionality

Think what will make your ride even more enjoyable and comfortable, like biking bags, from backpacks to panniers and saddle bags. Think staying hydrated with water bottle holders and water bottles. A bike pump or a CO2 cartridge to carry with you, don’t get caught off guard. Protect yourself from puddles with a mudguard if commuting about city. Sooner or later, you will need to do some maintenance so you’ll need bike tools, and maybe a bike stand to make your life easier.

Take a look at our offer

At Velo Deals you will find a great offer of various bicycle accessories, based on both the type of your bike and your preferences.

If you have any questions in regards to purchasing your brand-new bicycle accessories - feel free to contact us and we will be more than ready to assist you!