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Bike Helmets

Bike helmets are the most important part of the protective gear for the most important part of the body. The design of bike helmets has to meet three most important criteria: safety, minimum wind resistance and comfort. They mostly have an elongated shape, always with vents, and are usually made with EPS foam covered by a thin plastic shell.

Bike helmets for everyone

Bike helmets have become a must accessory for everyone, even though they are not mandatory. And that is great news for all the obvious reasons first one being protection of the most vulnerable part of the body. Basically there is no difference between bike helmets for men, women and children, other than cosmetic, in colors and design. They are made of rigid foam covered with thin protective layer of plastic. The role of the foam is to be the shock absorber in the incident of a collision. In such cases, the foam gets the job done, but in the process it gets deformed and therefore you will need to replace your bike helmet after any stronger crash. Some helmets provide MIPS which stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, other than regular safety standards. Importance of a good fit is an imperative for a bike helmet to serve its purpose. It shouldn’t be too tight nor too loose either. They are equipped with the adjustment system for fine tuning the fit of the helmet to the variety of head shapes.

Different types of helmets for different riding styles

  • Road bike helmets – are all about aerodynamics. They need to be light and well ventilated, so there is no visor.
  • MTB trail, endure, downhill helmets – are all about safety. These helmets need to cover more of the back and the sides of the head, but still keeping as light as possible. They come with detachable visors which are compatible with goggles. Downhill helmets, on the other hand, are full-face helmets which also feature a chin bar, so that the whole head, including face are protected. You can read more about downhill helmets in our blog.
  • Cross country MTB (XC) helmets - are lighter and with more vents than the endure or trail helmets, and can be with or without visor.
  • BMX, dirt and skate helmets – round in shape, have simpler construction, but they provide sufficient protection.
  • City helmets – are of simpler design. They offer a balanced mix of low weight, good ventilation and safety. Safety add-ons in a form of reflective elements are contribute to better visibility with other road users.

Some helmets come with a number of useful extra features like:

  • crash sensors that automatically send an emergency call via the smart phone link in a case of an accident
  • integrated chips with NFC medical ID tags
  • turn signals
  • speakers and microphones if you really have to take that call

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