Women’s Cycling Shoes

Women’s Cycling Shoes are specially designed to clip into the pedals.  Women's cycling shoes nowadays mostly come as clipless or with clip-in technology. They feature a cleat on the bottom of the shoe that facilitates better efficiency and helps in achieving higher speed. If you are looking for new women’s cycling shoes, have a look at our offer and find the model that best suits your needs.

Cycling shoes for best pedaling

Men’s, women’s, or unisex cycling shoes should, without a doubt, be taken very seriously by any cyclist, since they provide the right connection with the pedal. In that manner, the performance relies on the right choice of cycling shoes. They play a protective role against the elements, but also against hits and bumps. Other than effectiveness, their special design provides safety by keeping the foot firmly on the pedal.

The fit of cycling shoes

Cycling shoes need to fit perfectly without any slipping on the heel. There shouldn’t be much clearance for toes either. High-quality cycling shoes usually come with ratchet systems to accommodate the best possible fit.

Types of cleats and cycling shoes

There are two fastening systems used on most clipless shoes and pedals: 2-bolt and 3-bolt. They use hex bolts to connect your shoes to your pedals and that is why your shoes, or cleats, and pedals have to use the same system with the same pattern of holes.

  • 2-bolt system - also known as SPD, which stands for Shimano Pedaling Dynamics. These shoes have recessed, metal-made cleats, which make them easier to walk in and metal gives them longevity. These characteristics make them a perfect choice for mountain bike shoes, for which they have become a synonym in a way. Aside from mountain biking, 2-bolt systems are used for everything from commuting, touring, gravel riding, and cyclocross, where occasional walking, and jumping over obstacles are involved, but it also provides a great connection with the pedals.
  • 3-bolt system – is made of plastic with exposed cleats which make them more difficult to walk in. Being made of plastic they will require more frequent replacements. They have a wider platform of the cleat compared to the 2-bolt system and that ensures the benefits of better power transfer as well as improved pressure distribution across the sole. The latter is very important because it helps in creating fewer hot spots. It is clear from their description that 3-bolt systems are favored as road cycling shoes and racing shoes, where effectiveness is imperative and there is very little or no walking involved, so the stiffness of the sole is not a drawback, but only an advantage.

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